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Using Blogging to Tell Your Organization’s Story
May 27, 2015

Blog code written on a computer (Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash)

The YALI Network blog is a platform that enables us to share powerful stories of YALI Network members and to provide expert advice on subjects YALI Network members care about. You, too, can use blogging to share your stories and engage your audience.

Blogs are excellent Web-based platforms to host and maintain records of creative content and stories. Your blogging platform can host text, images and embedded videos, and provide a landing page that can be linked to various sources of traditional and social media channels/platforms.

There are multiple platforms available for blogging, including WordPress, Joomla, Django and Drupal, among others. These platforms are versatile and allow you to create blogs that can expand reach and resources by connecting with audiences emotionally.

The most effective way to share stories on your blog is to plan ahead and create a detailed editorial calendar for producing original content. Most blogging platforms have built-in capabilities to schedule and publish posts according to your organization’s editorial calendar.

You can increase the visibility of your blog by being active and consistent, by sharing your blog posts through social media and email, by inviting experts in your field to contribute as guest bloggers, and by talking about stories that tie into current events.