Video Vignettes

The YALI Network Video Vignettes are short programs designed to increase awareness on topics important to the development of members and their communities. Use these video vignettes to spark a conversation and open your mind to new ideas and practices.

What Is Gender-Based Violence?

When women succeed, we all succeed. By learning the basics of gender-based violence and how it affects communities, you’ll be empowered to step up and speak out against it.

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YALI Voices: Joy of Volunteering

If you think volunteering is just about working for free, you’re missing an opportunity. This five-part vignette series outlines the benefits of volunteering and how it’s not only important for your community but is a smart way to develop and enhance your professional skills.

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How To YALILearns

By facilitating a YALILearns session, you can share your knowledge and help build your community. This four-part video series provides step-by-step instructions on how to YALILearns.

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Perfecting Your Pitch

Watch this video vignettes series of five short pitch videos written and presented by 3 Day Startup's Nick Chagin, for helpful tips and ways to make your pitch stand out from others.

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What's the Harm?

A cinematic look inside captivating moments at ethical crossroads. These scenarios find characters in moral dilemmas, behaving in ways that may not seem wrong, but that can have long term unintended consequences for individuals and communities.

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Stop. Reflect. Verify.

These three fact-based vignettes shine a light on how “fake news” and “misinformation” are impacting media and society, particularly in this era of expanding media platforms and unlimited access. Watch these short videos to learn how you can be a smart consumer of news and information.

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