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Visions for the Future
May 12, 2014

Saba Bisrat reading from paper in front of building model (Courtesy of Saba Bisrat)
Photo credit: Courtesy of Saba Bisrat

Fascinated by the buildings and other structures she noticed during her family drives, young Saba Bisrat would think, “I wonder how that was constructed.” Saba, now 26, lives in Addis Ababa and is a member of the YALI Network.

Saba carried her curiosity about buildings forward, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in construction technology and management from Addis Ababa University. Willing to take on challenges, after graduating she founded a construction company that focused on using alternative building methods.

“I have learned that persistence, drive and passion will fuel you to learn more — nothing is impossible,” she says.

She credits the YALI Network for “bringing together like minds in one platform to discuss burning issues and to seek solutions together.”

“I hope to learn about the different ongoing projects run by people on the platform so we can seek advice from one another and know whose door to knock on when troubleshooting,” she says.

Saba now works for Revo Construction and TKM Maestro Technology PLC and volunteers with AIESEC, an international student-run leadership group.