Africa is rising and Africa is voting. Elections are important not just for you and your country, but for the entire continent of Africa and across the globe. As young leaders, you can show the importance of participating in elections and staying actively engaged in civic life after the polls close, to make your voice heard.

YALIVotes encourages civic participation through elections and social responsibility.  Elections are the fundamental means by which citizens connect their government and the world.  Make your voice heard by voting and staying civically engaged in your community.

Learn more about elections and civic responsibility

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Take the course

Complete the YALI Network Online Course, Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility and earn a certificate.

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Share your knowledge

Organize a #YALILearns session using Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility to raise awareness and educate your community about the importance of civic participation. Use the facilitation guide to get started.

Already held a YALILearns session? Tell us about it using this report form: YALILearns Report

More ways to be involved

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