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The Malawian YALI Alumni Association engaged Network members ahead of and during the May 2019 elections to raise awareness and mobilize the country’s youth population to cast their votes during the general elections. Through a series of blogs, YALILearns sessions using the Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility online course, and local events youth across Malawi discussed civic engagement and the importance of engaging in the democratic process by participating in all aspects of the electoral process. Overall, youth recognized the value of an active and engaged youth population in Malawi, not only in 2019 but for years to come.

You can join them in activating the power of the youth vote! Read the blogs to learn more about the local resources and organizations that support youth civic engagement.  Then, take the Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility online course to understand your role by engaging in the political process by voting responsibly and by keeping elected leaders and public officials accountable while in office.  After you finish the course, complete the quiz to earn a certificate and share what you’ve learned with others by organizing a #YALILearns session using the online course and the YALI Network “Smart Citizens” guide!