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Workbooks and Toolkits

The YALI Network’s Workbooks and Toolkits provide step-by-step guidance on how to write a business plan, organize a community service event, and other practical items. Download one at any time to begin learning a new skill.

In addition, the Facilitation Guides below will help you lead a YALILearns session on one of the YALI Network Online Courses or Video Vignette Series. Each guide includes sample icebreakers, discussion questions, and group activities to make your session as successful as possible.

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YALI Network Workbooks and Toolkits

Community Service

The YALIServes Toolkit is designed to help you plan a community service event in just a few weeks. In this toolkit, you will find helpful prompts for thinking about how to hold a community service event.


YALIEntrepreneurs is an initiative to help you take your business venture from an idea to a reality. If you’re determined to create, innovate, and prosper, then get started with the YALIEntrepreneurs resources below.


YALICares is designed to increase awareness and literacy on health matters and encourage you to serve as community health advocates. Both the YALICares Toolkit and the Women’s Health Workbook will prepare you to play a vital role in promoting public health.

Professional Development

The YALIProfessionals Resources below provide step-by-step instructions on specific professional topics like job interviews, public speaking, and creating a business plan.

Media Literacy

YALIChecks is an initiative designed to help each individual become smarter news consumers by learning how to identify and stop the spread of misinformation.

Youth Development

YALI4Youth provides resources to promote effective youth mentorship, professional development, and conflict resolution.

YALILearns Course Facilitation Guides-

Once you’ve chosen to facilitate a YALILearns session, check out the section below for a full list of YALILearns Facilitation Guides to help you plan. As a reminder, all course lessons have a discussion guide, transcript and additional resources available on each lesson page. Make sure to check the French and Portugese resource pages for translated versions of the Facilitation Guides.