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#YALI Network Events Across Africa
October 8, 2015

Eight entrepreneurs posing together (Papy Sibomana via Facebook)
Aspiring entrepreneurs in Kigali, Rwanda (Courtesy photo)

In the two months since we launched #YALILearns, there has been a flurry of activity among #YALINetwork members organizing and sharing events in our Facebook face2face group. Dozens of meetings and hundreds of people have shared their knowledge and connected with other young African leaders across the continent.

Papy Sibomana got together a group of prospective young entrepreneurs in Kigali, Rwanda, to teach business and entrepreneurship using the YALI Network Online Courses. There was also discussion of the #YALINetwork and its benefits for younger entrepreneurs and an overview of the Mandela Washington Fellowship application process.

Woman speaking into microphone in front of projection (Frehiwot Negash via Facebook)
Discussing the activities of the Regional Leadership Center at a meeting in Addis Ababa. (Courtesy photo)

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Frehiwot Negash joined with Yigrem Ashenafi, Asmeret Gebre, Edie Zachs and Helina Stiphanos to organize a ‪#‎YALILearns‬ event and even created a separate Facebook group.

“It was so inspirational,” Frehiwot said. “We look forward to our next monthly event.”

Zakariyyah Freeman Musa, a Nigerian working in Kenya, connected with the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania to develop a #YALILearns event at the American Corner in Zanzibar. Thirty people discussed the YALI Network Online Courses on leadership and took the quiz to get their certificates.

Man standing and pointing to display board while speaking to five seated participants (Kelvin Tinashe Mutize via Facebook)
YALILearns meeting in Harare (Courtesy photo)

Southern Africa was particularly active, including Vincent T. Mabotja’s event in South Africa to discuss xenophobia and another that involved a march against corruption. In neighboring Zimbabwe, several events took off.

In memory of the life and legacy of Kelvin who made many contributions for African creatives and youth across the continent in his community and country. “‪#YALILearns‬ is an amazing tool to seeing people grow and develop ideas into actual projects and livelihood,” said Kelvin Tinashe Mutize after a networking event he organized with #yalicreatives in Harare.

Man speaking in front of class of seated participants (Munya Bloggo via Facebook)
Munya Bloggo, a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow, teaches business in Gweru, Zimbabwe. (Courtesy photo)

Munya Bloggo shared another Zimbabwe event, this time in the central part of the country where several Network members used the YALI Network Online Courses to discuss business planning and modeling at the American Corner in Gweru.

“We had a feisty discussion with students on how we can apply the lessons to a local context,” Munya said, before adding a competitive element to #YALILearns. “I think when it comes to advancing education, Zimbabweans go at it like it was the Olympics.”

Just north, in Zambia, Patience Chisanga shared her expertise at a multi-day event.

“I spoke to 25 young talented and exceptional filmmakers about redefining entrepreneurship, the importance of turning art into a business, the basics of developing a business idea, a business plan, and how to deliver a business pitch to investors,” she said.

Women seated and looking through papers (Zakariyyah Freeman Musa via Facebook)
YALINetwork members take a quiz on leadership for a YALINetwork certificate at a meeting in Zanzibar, Tanzania. (Courtesy photo)

To the west, Ruddy Kielo Lingela held an event that utilized the YALI business lessons in Lubumbashi, #DRC, at the American Space there.

“More than 20 young entrepreneurs were present,” he said. “I was much impressed (with the audience). All the participants arrived 30 minutes before the launch of the meetup. The Congo is changing my friends.”

Over in Ghana, Oxford Bonsu put together a group of 320 undergraduates at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology for an event.

Man speaking to large audience in lecture hall (Oxford Bonsu via Facebook)]
A huge YALILearns event in Ghana saw 320 people show up for a meeting organized by Oxford Bonsu. (Courtesy photo)

“I used resources from YALI Learns to engage the students, and there was a positive feedback,” he said. “#YALILearns is a sure way to give back to your community and to empower young Africans to make real difference.”

If you want to hold your own #YALILearns event, you do not need any special tools or experience, just a willingness to gather people together and share knowledge. Use our courses or your own material, but please do share the results with us on our #YALILearns feedback page.

Woman speaking while another takes her picture (Chisi Jessie via Facebook)
Patience Chisanga, a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow, teaches about filmmaking at a YALILearns event in Lusaka, Zambia. (Courtesy photo)