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YALI Voices: 10 Career Tips to Grow Your Skills
August 31, 2018

RLC Alumni Bright T. Adoboe from Ghana and Dexter Kingsley Godwin from Nigeria share their top 10 career tips and provide helpful YALI Network resources for you to grow your skills and set new professional goals.

  1. Define your true passion and commit to being a leader.
  2. Set definite goals and design a strategy to achieve them.
  3. Seek knowledge by reading, studying and learning.
  4. Dress for the job and positively brand yourself.
  5. Look for mentors in your field and ask them for help.
  6. Volunteer! The experience you gain from these opportunities is extremely valuable.
  7. Stretch yourself and commit to personal growth.
  8. Competition is fierce. Do all you can to stand out and be outstanding!
  9. Be resilient and patient. Careers and great institutions take time to build.
  10. Never give up! Even if those around you give up along the way.

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