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#YALICHAT on Volunteerism and Civic Leadership
August 29, 2015

When you’re willing to volunteer your time, smarts, and energy, how do you make sure your efforts have the maximum impact?

Jeff Franco is vice president and executive director of City Year Washington, DC, a nonprofit organization whose teams of young adults commit to a year of full-time service keeping students in school and on track to graduate. Since joining the organization in 2008, he has quadrupled the number of students and schools served and more than doubled the organization’s fundraising capacity. He’s also a YALI Network Online Course Instructor! Take his class “Attracting and Motivating Volunteers” or “Inspiring Community Participation.”

Jeff held a #YALICHAT on Facebook about the benefits of volunteering and how to motivate those around you to get involved.

Read highlights below:

message about funding

message about volunteering

message about helping out communities

message about about developing

Message about Motivating volunteers and starting an organization