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#YALICHAT Wrap-Up: Starting your own Agribusiness
February 19, 2019

Considering starting your own agribusiness? The course instructors from Agripreneurship: A Path to the Future answered questions from YALI network members for a February #YALICHAT.
Read advice below from Rahama Wright, Founder of Shea Yeleen; Keegan Kautzky, Director of global programs and partnerships at The World Food Prize Foundation; and Anthony Ayebare, CEO of Kanara Maize Farmers.

Many YALI network members started by asking about the barriers to starting an agribusiness. The truth is agriculture has been around for a very long time and is not going away anytime soon but it is important to remember three things when entering into the agricultural field:

1. Identify what type of business you want to start.
2. Figure out what resources you need to execute your business plan.
3. Remember to research your customers and the market.

In regard to finding resources, many YALI Network members asked about how best to raise the funds they need to be successful in Agribusiness. Read YALI experts responses below:

Any business is risky. It is always important to know what these risks are and make sure you are passionate enough to make it worth it.

Women face many challenges in Agribusiness because of gender inequality. However, closing the gender gap would be good for business, agriculture, the economy, and the community.

Reducing post-harvest loss can have many solutions if you turn to the right resources. The UN World Food Program Training Manual for Improving Grain Postharvest Handling and Storage. This manual is also available in French.

What about smart technology?

Advances in smart technology are revolutionizing agriculture and although it seems expensive and inaccessible, these new technologies are becoming more and more available thanks to young African entrepreneurs. If you feel like you still can’t find the technology you need, you could be the entrepreneur that invents the solution.

Connecting remote farmers to new technologies is an opportunity for success. Consider the needs in your community and create a business that provides a solution.

If you haven’t already, check out the YALI Network Online Course on Agripreneurship: A Path to the Future. Many thanks to our expert agripreneurs Rahama Wright, Keegan Kautzky, and Anthony Ayebare! To read the full #YALICHAT check out the YALI Network Facebook Page.