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How to YALILearns Part 1: Take a Course
August 14, 2019


With more than twenty courses to choose from, the YALI Network offers online resources to help spread knowledge in your community. 

Transcript in English [PDF 176 KB]

How to YALILearns Part 1 – Take a Course Video Transcript

MAN: You can do a lot with YALI online.

WOMAN: But you can do more in person.

MAN: Like sharing the YALI Network online courses with your community. 

WOMAN: Follow these four steps to make YALILearns happen.

First, take a course. Pass the quiz. Get your certificate.

YALI has more than twenty courses to choose from. Find one that you care about and speaks to a need. Healthcare. Entrepreneurship. Social justice. Leadership. Environment. Good governance. Women’s rights. Public management. Agri-business.

It’s okay, you can start with just one.

Find your passion.

MAN: Share your knowledge.

WOMAN: Join with others.

MAN: Build your community.

WOMAN: You can do it…

BOTH: …with YALILearns.

For more information on how to facilitate your own YALILearns session, visit https://yali.state.gov/learns/