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How to YALILearns Part 2 : Plan Your Session
August 14, 2019


You’ve taken the YALI Network’s online courses, now what? It’s time to gather YALI Network resources provided online and share what you’ve learned with others in two simple steps. 

Transcript in English [PDF 176 KB]

How to YALILearns Part 2 – Plan Your Session Video Transcript

WOMAN: You can do a lot with YALI online.

MAN: But you can do more in person.

WOMAN: You can share a YALI Network online course with your community.

MAN: The second step of YALI Learns is to plan your session.

Get the supplies you need and look for help in your community to provide them. Gather all the resources YALI provides online, including the helpful toolkit, and make a plan. 

Find your audience. Friends, community members, business people, anyone with an interest in the subject. Reach out to people on social media, and word of mouth. Your group can be big or small. 

Find a location. It could be a business, community center, or school. It could even be a home, a cafe, or a church. You just need space, a place to bring people together. You don’t need to be rich to do this, just resourceful.

MAN: Find your passion.

WOMAN: Share your knowledge.

MAN: Join with others.

WOMAN: Build your community.

MAN: You can do it…

BOTH: …with YALILearns.

For more information on how to facilitate your own YALILearns session, visit https://yali.state.gov/learns/

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