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How to YALILearns Part 3 : Hold Your Session
August 14, 2019


Share what you’ve learned from the YALI Network’s online courses; hold a YALILearns session and spread the knowledge with your community.

Transcript in English [PDF 264 KB]

How to YALILearns Part 3 – Hold Your Session Video Transcript

MAN: You can do a lot with YALI online.

WOMAN: But you can do more in person.

MAN: You can share a YALI Network online course with your community.

WOMAN: The third step of YALILearns is to hold your session.

It’s your show, so run it with confidence. Get there early to set it up, and check everything out. If you want to use visual aids and handouts, have them ready. Welcome your guests. Make introductions, and make them comfortable. Tell them the plan and stick to it.

Now, lead the session and share the course materials, but be ready for the unexpected. Think of what could go wrong and plan for it. During your session, make sure to take photos and videos to share.

Lead the way but also listen. Don’t lecture the whole time. Leave room for discussion. Let others help create a plan of action that everyone is excited about.

Find your passion.

MAN: Share your knowledge,

WOMAN: Join with others.

MAN: Build your community.

WOMAN: You can do it…

BOTH: …with YALILearns.

For more information on how to facilitate your own YALILearns session, visit https://yali.state.gov/learns/

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