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How to YALILearns Part 4 : Tell Us About It
August 14, 2019



While your YALILearns session has ended, the impact of your session is just beginning. It’s time to spread the word about your session.

Transcript in English [PDF 176 KB]

How to YALILearns Part 4 – Tell Us About It Video Transcript

WOMAN: You can do a lot with YALI online.

MAN: But you can do more in person.

WOMAN: You can share YALI Network online course with your community.

MAN: The last step of YALILearns is to tell us about it.

Your session is over, but its impact is just beginning. Share with us how it all went on the YALILearns page. Give us feedback so we can improve the experience. 

Then, share your session with the world on the YALI network face to face page, and with your own social media networks. Look for ways to spread the word and inspire others to take action.

Finally, take pride. You just made your community a better place. 

The most important part of YALI is you.

MAN: Find your passion.

WOMAN: Share your knowledge.

MAN: Join with others.

WOMAN: Build your community.

MAN: You can do it…

BOTH: …with YALILearns.

For more information on how to facilitate your own YALILearns session, visit https://yali.state.gov/learns/

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