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Across the world, the youth generations are growing, learning, and preparing to become the next generation of leaders in their communities. But Africa’s youth is special.

According to the United Nations, there are over 226 million youth living in Africa today and in the next 30 years, 50% of the world’s population growth will happen in Africa. This means, Africa’s youth isn’t just preparing to be local leaders. They’re preparing to be global leaders.

But what types of leaders will they become?

With YALI4Youth, you’ll learn how to become a successful youth mentor and empower them to become the types of leaders who change businesses, communities, cultures, and countries for the better.

If you’re ready to start supporting the next generation of African leaders, join YALI4Youth by using the resources below.

Take the Quiz

The YALI4Youth Quiz will present you with a variety of facts and figures to test your knowledge of youth development, employment, and the situations facing Africa’s youth.

Take the Course

Download the Workbook

The YALI4Youth Youth Development Workbook will provide you with resources and exercises on some of the critical points of youth development, preparing you to be the best youth mentor you can be.

Inspire Your Community

Each one of the toolkits below is designed to help you lead a Youth Community Activity around youth professional development, mentorship, and conflict resolution. Choose the theme that you’re most interested in, download the corresponding toolkit, and get started planning your Youth Community Activity.

Youth Professional Development

This YALI4Youth Toolkit will assist you in planning a community activity focused on youth professional development.

Youth Mentorship

In this YALI4Youth Toolkit, you will learn how to plan and facilitate a community activity focused on youth mentorship.

Youth Conflict Resolution

In this YALI4Youth Toolkit, you will learn how to plan and facilitate a community activity focused on conflict resolution.


With the YALI Network Online Course, “Developing, Mentoring and Supporting Youth Leadership” and the Facilitation Guide, you can teach others how to mentor, guide, and provide professional skills training to youth in managing and resolving conflict.

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